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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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HolidayGifts.jpgAround the house at this time of year, I get asked what I would like for my holiday gifts. As woodworkers I think we all hear this, “What can I buy for you?” question, at some time during the year. In trying to help the spouses, significant others and children of woodworkers, I thought that this would be the time to pass along a few ideas from the pages of Popular Woodworking magazine.

Let’s start with the Popular Woodworking magazine CD. Popular Woodworking has packed all seven 2006 issues into a single disc. The files are fully searchable and you’ll no longer have to worry about spilling varnish on your printed copy of the magazine. Simply print out the construction drawings or anything else that you need and head out to the shop. Self-fulfilling? Maybe, but this is something you will find extremely useful , I do.

Now we’ll take a look at the tools. I went back over the tools from past issues to compile a list of nice, moderate to inexpensive selections that we reviewed in our Tool Test pages. Here you go.

The Bosch I-driver just makes it under the limit I arbitrarily set for this list at $147. It has the power to stand up it’s12-volt cordless competitors and has a five-position articulating head. The kit comes with the driver, 2 batteries and a charger all in a soft-sided case.

A digital/fractional caliper is always handy to have in the woodshop. I have found that I use this tool quite a bit in my new position, maybe more than I should. The Craftsman Gallery offering, at $38, has everything that you will need. We recommend the 6″ version for your bench and the 4″ for your shirt pocket!

For the hand tool folks here is a saw that will floor you if it hasn’t already. The Zona razor saws come in two sizes one is 61/2″ long while the shorter version is 41/2″ in length. Both of the saws cut slowly, which is to be expected, but the surface finish left behind appears as if it is planed. Here is the great news , their price is $8.95 and $4.95 respectively.

How about another small tool entry? The Tite-Mark Mini marking gauge from Glen-Drake Toolworks is a miniature version of the Tite-Mark gauge that we all know. It is smaller in size and costs coming in at $60. It’s excellent for dovetailing drawers and small boxes and will easily fit into small hands.

Here is a few other ideas that come to mind from Popular Woodworking and the from the pages of Woodworking magazine, our sister publication:

Starrett 6″ Combination Square ( $67
Shinwa 6″ Steel Rule #60N47.01 ( $7
Starrett 6″ Steel Rule #061511 ( $20
Pro-Value 24″ Steel Rule #2042A75 ( $30

One final idea is to stop by the Popular Woodworking store at and select from a number of popular products with our Popular Woodworking logo.

Choose from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and mugs. And don’t forget to visit Woodworking Magazine’s store as well (we have a new T-shirt there you might want to check out). Link right from the Popwood store page. Receiving or giving these great gifts is sure to make your holiday merry.

, Glen D. Huey

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