Kansas City, Here We Come


As many of you correctly guessed, Woodworking in America 2015 will be in downtown Kansas City, Mo., Sept 25-27. The main venue is the Crown Center.

Stay tuned for more!

Megan Fitzpatrick


10 thoughts on “Kansas City, Here We Come

  1. Craig Arnold

    I’m lucky. Crown Center is just 20 minutes from home and five minutes from the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild. And four minutes from the great Boulevard Brewing Tasting Room! Visitors will be in for a great time.

  2. Rich Jones

    Take me about four hours to get there, hopefully I will be able to attend. Have tried for the last couple of years to get to the wood show in Feb in Kansas City, but weather has been a factor.

  3. sandalwoods

    Terrific, even though I’m afraid I won’t be available in 2105…Only about one hour away. Count me in!



      1. rwyoung

        Wow, they really are working on advance booking.

        Al, I think we can fit you in the Ronco Jerky Maker and keep you freeze dried until then.

      2. sandalwoods

        Megan, I would have fixed it, had I known you wanted it fixed. I believe you will love Kansas City.

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