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June 2011 Digital Issue Now Available

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The PDF of Popular Woodworking Magazine June 2011 is now available for download at ShopWoodworking.com. (You can read this bookmarked PDF on almost any computer, and on any mobile device that supports the PDF format.)

In our cover story for the June issue, Editor Christopher Schwarz builds the Monticello bookcases – stacking book boxes that were likely designed by Thomas Jefferson, and that held the foundations of the United States Library of Congress. And in our I Can Do That column, Executive Editor Robert W. Lang shows you how to build a simpler version of of stacking book boxes that can be screwed together to make a customizable case.

Plus, the editors and some other well-known woodworkers (including Roy Underhill, Michael Dunbar and Kelly Mehler) share their 130 favorite books on woodworking. The editors had to duke it out over pastries and coffee – we had to winnow our selections to fit in just 5′ of shelf space, following the inspiration of Charles W. Eliot, the Harvard Univeristy president who laid the foundation for the Harvard Classics series.

In his first story for Popular Woodworking Magazine, Gary Rogowski shows you how to make his “Jasmine Jewely Box” (a contemporary finger-jointed ash box with a walnut handle) using just a few simple tools and techniques. And Senior Editor Glen D. Huey teaches you modern (and quicker-than-traditional) techniques to build a traditional inlaid tea caddy.

And, with just two sticks and a hinge, Jim Tolpin (his latest book, “The New Traditional Woodworker,” is hot off the press) helps you avoid layout errors in your work with “Secrets of the Sector.” And Bob Lang shows you how to make the most of a more modern must-have measuring and layout tool in “Combination Squares.”

And of course, you’ll find all our regular columns: On the Level, Letters, Tricks of the Trade, Tool Test, Design Matters and more. Download your copy today!

If you’re a subscriber to the print magazine, start looking for it in your mailbox early next week (it starts mailing tomorrow). And just so you know, we’re working on making a digital subscription available; I hope to have good news on that front soon.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • chetkloss


    I usually buy each of the annual collections and occasionally a multi-year collection. What would be really helpful is if there was a way to incorporate these digital issues into an overall structure such that one could search across and then view any of the issues (that one owned). So for me I own the 2000-2007 collection, and respectively the 2008, 2009, and 2010 collections. It would be great if you published just the index (“calling?”) PDF each year that expanded from 2000-20xx so that one could leverage each of the annuals. As a side note, if you referenced an article in an issue you didn’t own, you could be whisked away to the popwood website to make the purchase right then…

    Know what I mean?


    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Ugh. my head hurts. yes – those are great ideas, and I’ll add them to our list of cool things we should find time/ways to accomplish.

      BTW – if you have Acrobat Pro, I can walk you through making an “uber index” of all the digital issues you own. Just give me a call. Or, if enough Acrobat Pro owners and PWM readers comment displaying interest in the same, I can post an entry with step-by-step instructions…

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