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Jim Tolpin: Design by the Seat of Your Pants (or Hand…or Foot…)

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The February 2016, featuring Jim Tolpin’s Standing Desk, mails to subscribers next week. I have just a couple “Online Extras” to push live, but most of them are now available (click here to see the full list).

Among the things I coded for this issue is Jim’s August 2010 article, “Designing by Hand, Foot & Eye” – one of the first pieces he wrote on using one’s body as the basis of measurement for furniture design. It’s free – get it by clicking the link above.

Jim’s taken that pre-industrial design idea further in the book he co-authored with George R. Walker (our Design Matters columnist), “By Hand & Eye” and their design exercises book “By Hound & Eye,” and of course, in his upcoming standing desk article, “Perfect Proportions.”

But you’ll have to wait a week or two for the desk; in the meantime, that foot stool would make a nice holiday gift.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. If you’re into hand-tool woodworking, check out Jim’s book “The New Traditional Woodworker.” And follow Jim on Instagram.

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