I Know I’m Gonna Regret This…

This afternoon, Chris Schwarz sent the following e-mail to the other editors:

Megan, get on this right away. I sense a future husband for you.”

Go ahead. I’ll wait while you click on the link.

Back now? I hope, like me, you’re thinking, “Who would do that?!”

And anyway, if we’re talking brand loyalty on such a permanent scale, I’m holding out for this.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. My apologies to any readers who have Milwaukee ink.

21 thoughts on “I Know I’m Gonna Regret This…

  1. Gary Roberts

    Just wondering, which Holtey plane will be the tattoo? One of the classics or the new transitional? Choice of wood? I’m thinking some money raising for your next birthday is in order…

  2. thompmj

    Based on the SECOND link that Megan put in here, I would say that she appears to follow the Michael Scott 3 year salary rule of thumb. Yup, I did it…made a reference to The Office.

  3. JohnH

    Ummm, Megan, I know you’re from the mid-west and all, so just a warning….be careful of that West Hollywood tattoo….just sayin’.


  4. DonP

    As long as we have drifted away from skill building. How do I get one of them nifty pictures on my comment?

    1. Steve_OH

      By registering here, you now have a WordPress account. The problem is that it’s sort of a stealth account–you can’t use the same username/password to log directly into WordPress. So you need to set up a separate login at WordPress, and you can change your avatar (aka “nifty picture”) there. I _think_ the way that WordPress links accounts is via the email address, so if you use the same email address in both places, the avatar you set there will show up here. But don’t quote me on that (unless it works, of course).


      1. DonP

        Steve thanks for the information. I appreciate you taking the time. I think ill pass on another account and login. In fact on reflection – the default image is sufficiently accurate.


  5. gsm627

    And how does any of this help me improve my woodworking skills?
    How about sticking to the reason we’re here.

    1. Steve_OH

      It helps you improve your woodworking skills by making you less uptight…

      …or tries to, at least.


    2. lawrence

      I mean this in the nicest way possible– but what do you mean?

      This is a blog entry on a free site about winning tools by getting a tattoo… any comments about this subject can at most be loosely be classified as “edu-tainment”

      The entertainment portion of this site is one of the reasons I come to this website (and sometimes randomly click on the advertisements to get Pop WWing some incentive to continue this website). I find the blogs to be witty and slightly edgy–and yet still informational.

      With great respect-

      1. gsm627

        I haven’t been educated, or entertained but I have leaarned how stupid the general public is.

  6. mvflaim

    I have a Milwaukee tatoo on a certain spot on my body but the people at Milwaukee wouldn’t add it to their gallery due to decency issues.

      1. tsangelltsangell

        Similarly: other things known/labeled as The Schwarz.

        Why yes, I have an 8 foot bench. And two vises. And one vice. My vice is vises.

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