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Hello, from an English Joiner!

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English JoinerAs a new name here it seemed wise to make my first post a brief introduction. My name is Graham Haydon and I’m a woodworker in England. By day I have the good fortune of making a living as a joiner within our family business.

Being a joiner from a small town in the rural South West means we cover a wide range of work – the core being windows, doors and stairs but also kitchens, site carpentry and some furniture making. After leaving school in 1998 at 16, I joined the family firm and completed a three-year apprenticeship; I have been working for the business ever since. Our workshops have all the typical modern equipment you would expect, but hand tools still play an important role, too.

During my spare time I like to focus on traditional aspects of woodworking, undertake projects on my own terms and read my way through my pile of woodworking books. I’m in a very lucky situation. My Great grandfather, who started our business in 1926, was an indentured apprentice as a wheelwright and the legacy of tools and work I have to hand from his lifetime, as well as those of my grandfather and father, is a real blessing. I also count myself lucky to be around in the age of the Internet. It allows me to be inspired by others who love woodworking and share my passion with people outside the sleepy rural area I grew up and now work in.

If anyone has followed my writing efforts so far, what you’ll see here will be more of the same: Methods of work, the tools I like, furniture and aspects of woodworking I see out in the wild, projects and how I like to do them (with the odd video for good measure). I’m looking forward to getting started writing for the PW blog, and expect I’ll post about once a week; I hope you in enjoy my work!

— Graham Haydon

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  • jimi43

    Hey my friend!!

    Superb seeing you writing for such a distinguished publication…they chose a class act…and maybe we can see some of your educational videos too…they’re the bees knees.

    I take it you will be doing a few articles about the history of the great British Infill Plane? ;O)

    Here’s looking forward to more from the Haydon quill….

    Jim Hendricks
    KT Tools


    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words! I do indeed hope to add a video here and there and when I need a consultant on infill planes you will be top of the list. For those interested you can take a look at Jim’s work here http://www.ktproductions.co.uk/blog/


  • Nobby1967

    Bit of English support fro me Graham

    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      Cheers Nobby!

  • jabbruzzese

    Congrats, Graham! Well deserved and I look forward to reading you here.


    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      Cheers Jim, thanks for the encouragement!

  • Bill Lattanzio

    I can seem to recall a rather smart fellow (and handsome) making a prediction maybe a year or so ago….I think the word he used was “legendary”.

    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      I recall the that well and I am still recovering from just how handsome that person was. The term “legend” caused much amusement with my better half. Thanks Bill.

  • wdworking

    Hey Graham,

    Glad to see you here as well. Look forward to your blog and FB entries.


    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the support, very much appreciated.

  • Marty

    Hey Graham,

    This was a surprise, reading you at this venerable site. Congrats, and I look forward to reading more about your exploits.

    • Graham Haydon
      Graham Haydon

      Cheers Marty,

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m looking forward to it.

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