A Guitar Stand of Clever Design

guitar stand

At the Lie-Nielsen open house last weekend, luthier Patrick Sebrey, of Union, Maine, brought along a clever maple guitar stand on which he put the finishing touches during the two days of technique and tool demos.

At first glance, I thought the piece was a musical instrument — perhaps a variation on a harp — thanks to the tuning keys and strings. But Patrick told me it was a stand, then showed me how the thin, curved upright off which the guitar hangs is too thin to bear alone the weight of an instrument.

The guitar strings, which are captured through holes at the top of the piece, are actually guy wires — like those on a suspension bridge — to keep the flexible maple piece rigid. The tuning keys do tension the strings, but not enough to play them.

This was a prototype stand, though, and so many people tried to “play” it that Patrick said he was considering making them both functional and playable when he builds another.

But with the leather-lined support in place (day two), the stand functions exactly as envisioned, and looks great to boot.

guitar stand

Megan Fitzpatrick

5 thoughts on “A Guitar Stand of Clever Design

  1. chetkloss

    From a design standpoint, it appears that the strings are merely an addon. It’s just my opinion but that doesn’t strike me as clever. They are decoration and not really organic to the design.
    As they say, to each his own.

    1. johnmoran

      Chetklos – he says the upright can’t support the guitar without the strings, so how come you think they are superfluous to the design? Take them away and it doesn’t work.

  2. Brian

    Very cool stand! Appears to be inspired by the Cincinatti woodworking crew over at http://www.TakeAStandInc.com Their designs are patented, but Patrick’s looks sufficiently different. Great use of the strings. Thanks for sharing!

    1. sawdustdave

      Brian: I was going to add that! I built a stand like those at TakeAStand for my Martin, the design is really pretty nice.

      I do like the touch from the strings, though with my grandkids that would be asking for trouble!

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