Greene & Greene's Digital Footprint

The roots of the turn-of-the-20th-century Arts & Crafts movement can be traced back to the industrial revolution and the counter-culture that questioned whether this advance was having a dehumanizing effect on society. I include myself as one of the fans of the continuing Arts & Craft’s movement, and while not anti-technology, I do find a humorous twist to the fact that the Internet (the descendant of the Industrial Revolution) is one of our best methods of sharing the ideals and the related trappings (furniture, art, pottery, writings, etc) of the movement.

Though “Greene & Greene, Poems of Wood and Light” (our upcoming title on a unique and inspiring subset of the Arts & Crafts movement) is still months from publication, its digital footprint is growing quickly. Author David Mathias has a web site up and running at Stop by and take a look at a gallery of images from the book, table of contents and information about the author.

If you’re on Facebook, the Fan page for this book is a great place to chat with like-minded individuals, read commentary from the author and view brief excerpts and images from the book. Though new, this page is already growing quickly with 125 fans. You can find the Fan page by clicking here, or you can log in to Facebook, search for “Greene & Greene” and you’ll find the page.

If you’re a fan of Arts & Crafts furniture, and the works of Charles and Henry Greene in particular, this is a book that’s generating conversation among like-minded folks. The book is available for pre-order by following this link.

– David Thiel