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Greene & Greene-inspired Games Table

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games table

At the Lie-Nielsen show in our shop in April, 16-year-old Jalen Waggoner (whom you might remember for his Blacker House chair, which was featured in the November 2013 issue as a winner in the PWM Excellence Awards) stopped in, and brought with him his latest project in progress: a Greene & Greene-inspired games table.

As you can see above, the work is now complete – and well worth sharing.

The mostly mahogany piece has a reversible top (with checkerboard/chessboard on one side, and a quartered, bookmatched top on the other), plus two leather-lined drawer for cards and games pieces. The table is a Darrell Peart design (used with his permission), and Darrell kindly answered a long list of questions, said Jalen’s father, Jeff Waggoner. The table was finished during a two-day finishing class with Dale Bernard. Jeff also mentioned how inspiring it is to see such accomplished and renowned professional craftsmen interacting with a young woodworker.

For a gallery of step photos (courtesy of Jeff), see below.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Shawn Nichols

    Jalen and Jeff, great work. It’s good to see families doing stuff together. Very inspirational both as a young dad and as an aspiring craftsman. Thank you.

    One quick question, what was the putty/drywall compound/mastic step used for? I’m not following.


    • jwaggoner

      It is actually Bondo Body Filler. We used it to make a mating router template from the template used to make the finger joint in the drawer front. We used packing tape and wax to keep it from sticking to the mating temple. Once the Bondo dried hard he clamped it to the drawer side to route the finger joint. We had never tried this before but it worked great.

  • gumpbelly

    Just warms my heart to see that woodworking is alive, and well. Jalen may be our next Ambassador to bring it to the masses, Narmon II. I kind of like “In the workshop with Jalen” as his TV show title. 🙂

    I also like that PWW sees real, every day people as woodworkers with talent too, and showcases them on a regular basis.

    Kudos x 2.

  • mysticcarver

    Amazing work there young man! Absolutely Stunning craftsmanship!

  • Kevin

    That’s a lot of beautiful work there. Really wish he was wearing safety gear when he was working those power tools though. You see it in some shots and not in others.

    • jwaggoner

      Jalen is very safety conscious and anyways tries to wear eye and ear protection when running power tools, but I guess we all forget once in a while.

  • pmac

    Zoo-Wee Mama!

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