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Gil Arad’s Mulberry and Ash Table

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Mulberry and Ash TableMy friend Gil Arad, an Israeli woodworker who lives, works and teaches in a small village outside of Jerusalem has recently published a really cool video that depicts the kind of work that he does. More and more woodworkers are commissioning “about my work” videos as a means of promoting their work, but few of them actually show a project from start to finish. Gil (pronounced Geel) has an introduction video that actually does show a project from start to finish, his mulberry and ash table.

In his video, Gil shows how he designed and built a three legged table made from a live edge mulberry trunk crosscut (for the top) and ash for the hoops and the legs. Watch the video, it is fun and only four minutes long. Then, take a look at my drawings in case you need to clarify the design of his unique joints. 


— Yoav Liberman

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  • Francis

    Oy — that I could be a spider on the wall of his shop. Awesome incorporation of skills and tools.

  • tsstahl

    Holy shnikes that was cool! I so wanted to see more of the model.

    I’m also impressed about how much curve the steam bending produced in one go.

    I also want to see a close-up of the scarf joint in the bottom skirt.

    In short, I guess the video did what it was supposed to do. 🙂

    • Yoav Liberman
      Yoav Liberman

      I am interested in all of the above too. I assume that the four minutes clip is actually a boiled down version of many more minutes of shooting that were left out. I will write to Gil and see if he, and the folks who worked on the video, are interested in making a longer version.

  • John Passacantando

    Wow, thank you very much for that one.


    • Yoav Liberman
      Yoav Liberman

      You are very welcome.. Glad you liked it.

  • Matt_Rob

    Great looking table,I enjoyed the video it was nicely produced.

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