Getting Ready for Fall

This weekend, our weather went from 100°  to 65° in two days. While we’re happy with the cooler weather, it also brings to mind the other things that Fall entails: leaves, rain and cold. You can save yourself time, grief (and money) if you take a couple of hours out of your Fall to get your gutters ready. Home improvement expert, Brad Staggs, has some sensible and cost-effective tips for getting your gutters in shape for Fall in “Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements.” We’ve excerpted the gutter section in a free PDF that you can download by clicking the link below. Beyond gutters, Brad has some excellent tips in the book on weatherstripping windows and doors, insulating a water heater and adding a programmable thermostat. All of these projects will save you money and make your home more comfortable as the temperature drops.

Gutter Guide

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Fall

    1. LanceG

      Leaking roofs and broken gutters take away from shop time! I say anything that protects or extends our woodworking time is worthwhile. 🙂

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