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01pwm1114bookendinlayBeginning with my first job in journalism, I self-imposed a rule to not discuss my political thoughts in public – so the below is in no way constitutes personal commentary on President Obama and his administration.

But no matter what one’s thoughts on any past, current or future office holders, there’s no arguing that those in power have access to some mighty fine furniture. Case in point: Today’s New York Times article on the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder. I mean…just look at that Federal drop-leaf table with bookend inlay!

Frank Vucolo sent me the link. His article on bookend inlay is in November 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and his article on building a Federal table with said inlay is the cover story for the December 2014 issue.  Frank says, “Nice Federal card table in the background, too. I’ll forgive them mixing in a [Queen Anne] chair because we all know you can’t actually use a Federal chair for sitting.”

But there’s plenty of room for partisanship in furniture. I, for example, esteem 17th-century and Shaker pieces far more than anything the 18th century had to offer (let the tarring and feathering begin).

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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  • knothole

    The picture is no longer there. One thing you can be sure of: if it is a desk or table, especially if it is antique, Obama can’t wait to stick his feet, along with his shoes, on it.

  • godet

    The Renwick Gallery in DC had an exhibit a few years back that included furniture from the White House…you would have loved it.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Yes. Yes I would have.

      I need to come to the D.C. are to visit my Mom…but unfortunately, the Renwick won’t be open next time I’m there (renovations).

  • Marty

    Guess that link only lasted a day because I don’t see any referenced furniture in the article

    • Frank Vucolo

      Marty, looks like they changed the photo in the article.
      I found it but can’t seem to paste it here?


  • gmoney

    I could not agree with you more. Shaker is it.

  • JMAW Works

    You’ve probably seen this, but might want to check out Chris Bame’s work over at He’s been making some of that stuff for undisclosed clients, incredible stuff.

  • Frank Vucolo


    Were there politicians in that photo?
    My eye and mind went right to the pembroke, then to the bookend inlay, then to the fact that someone left a coffee cup on it!, then realized there was a glass protective top, then oh! card table, wish I could see more of that tall clock in the back, cuff banding is a tad low on the pembroke… great column and volute on the fireplace… really, that tacky built in two door cabinet with the zinc hinges and awkward knob is in the White House…nice bust of Lincoln; he looks solemn… that’s a lot of apples…


    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I’m having trouble getting past the lamp. I’m sure it’s a fabulously important piece and all, but, er…I don’t think it “goes.”

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