Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest Giveaway at WIA 2014

Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest Giveaway

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The 2014 Fred West Memorial Tool Chest

The 2014 Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest

If you’re a hand-tool woodworker, you have – at least in large part– Fred West to thank for the astounding number of high-quality hand tools available today, though you may not know it. But if you’re a maker of high-quality hand tools, there’s little doubt you had the pleasure of knowing Fred.

FWend1Fred was a true patron of the hand tool world, in the best Renaissance sense of the word; he spent a great deal of his time, energy and money to help promote makers and their wares. He’d often buy multiples of new tools (and sometimes commission custom designs), then send them anonymously to woodworkers young and old whom he thought needed them and/or would appreciate working with them. And not once did he ask anything in return, either of the makers or the lucky recipients. He did it for the love of craft; no strings attached. (You can read more about him, and what a number of his woodworking friends had to say to him, in this post by Christopher Schwarz.)

Near the end of his all-too-short life, Fred was struggling with multiple health problems – but he never let that get him down, or keep him from hanging out with woodworkers and toolmakers. I think it was the first day of Woodworking in America in Covington, Ky., last year that he had to have an emergency root canal – so he found a local dentist, got someone to take him there, had the procedure…then came back to help out his friends in the marketplace. And he was smiling every minute. He and I talked on the phone just before Christmas last year, and despite being close to bedridden at that point, he was making plans for this year’s hand tool conferences and events. Fred died peacefully at home on January 11, 2014, where he was surrounded by friends, family and his beloved tools.

FWcubbiesTo honor his memory, and to continue the philanthropic work he performed in the hand tool woodworking world, a number of tool makers and woodworkers got together to make and stock what will be the first Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest (FWCTC) – and it’s being given away to one lucky winner at Woodworking in America 2014. No strings attached. The retail value, including the custom tool tote fitted with snug compartments for each of the tools, is more than $5,000.

Every conference attendee will get a “2014 FWCTC” form when he or she signs in at the front desk for the conference. Fill it out, then visit the Scott Meek Woodworks booth in the marketplace to submit your form. Marketplace-only attendees can pick up a blank form in that booth (one entry per person, please).

The 2014 FWCTC will be on display in Scott’s booth throughout the day on Friday; the drawing will be on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., and be announced in the Marketplace.

The colorful carved tool tote (that to me looks more like a work of art rather than a thing simply meant to store and carry stuff) was made by Kansas City woodworker Andrew Gore. Included are: a Scott Meek Woodworks smoothing plane; a Sterling Toolworks Saddle Tail and plane hammer; a dovetail saw and carcase saw from Bad Axe Tool Works; a Blue Spruce Toolworks round mallet and set of dovetail chisels; a Lie-Nielsen Toolworks rabbet block plane; a Lee Valley Tools/Veritas router plane; Hamilton Woodworks 4″ and 6″ marking gauges; a carbide marking knife and carbide birdcage awl from Czeck Edge Hand Tool; a set of screwdrivers from Elkhead Tools; a Randy Weber carving mallet; a “Melencolia” square from the Cronkwright Woodshop; a signed copy of “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use,” by (and from) Christopher Schwarz; a signed copy of “The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop” by (and from) Tom Fidgen; a free semester in The Hand Tool School, from Shannon Rogers; and a 1-year subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the 1995-2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine DVD.


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  • Stuart Hough

    WOW! What a cool thing to do in the name of a legendary patron. I for one am proud that so many would give of their time and talents to commemorate a great life! Way to go, folks!

  • dhaas

    Can’t believe the comment of gumpbelly. Probably should change his moniker to bellyacher. Sorry about your upcoming baby Joe. Maybe the family planning should have taken WIA into account. With apologies to Abe, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  • brownd.3275


  • gumpbelly

    Fred and I share a last name, he used to always call me his Brother from a different Mother. I have nothing but good thoughts of Fred, he truly was a mix of St Nick, and any other Saint you could think of. That said the Fred I knew would be proud to be remembered, though a bit shy about it. I believe he would have insisted entry to winning this memorial would be to any interested party, not as a payoff for attending something you had to pay for. Congrats PWW, sinking to new lows, and dragging a good Man’s name down with you.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      We did discuss that; the folks who championed and coordinated the project felt that because Fred was such a generous supporter of WIA that it was fitting to give it away at a venue he was very much a part of.

    • SMeekWoodworks

      I can personally vouch for the fact that this was a concern that Megan brought up to Mark Harrell and I. As she already mentioned, Fred was a huge fan of WIA and we felt that this fit with honoring him. I am tremendously sorry that anyone would possibly think that this was done for any other reason. All I can do is give you my word that our motives behind giving this chest away is purely to celebrate the generosity of our friend.
      To give you even further background, we were first considering auctioning this chest off and using the proceeds to benefit some woodworking cause, but we decided against this so that more people could have the chance to win it. We also decided that anyone who attended the conference should have a chance, even if just visiting the market place.
      We had to draw a line somewhere, as a lot of volunteer hours have gone into this project. Opening it up to mail-in or internet entries means a lot more work for all involved. We decided this was the most simple way to go with this giveaway.
      Again, I am sorry that you feel the way you do. If you would like to talk more with me about all of this, please contact me. scott (at) scottmeekwoodworks (dot) com.

  • Joe

    I really wish I could go to WIA this year so I could enter. Is there any other way to enter the drawing? I can’t travel with a future woodworker (#2) being born around that same week. I’ve seen the goods (somewhat) on Facebook for the FWCTC and really wish I could be there anyways, but I don’t think I need the divorce papers that might come along with me being there.

  • DelicateTouch

    WOW!!! That is all….

    • tsstahl

      Motion seconded. Wow indeed.

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