Fitting a Fan to the Tea Caddy

Building the tea caddy from the June 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is anything but traditional. I looked for alternative methods for much of the work including the fan inlay at each corner. My thoughts were to come at this project without the use of special tools, so the inlay areas are cut using a drill press and the fan pieces themselves are made up of wedges cut at a table saw. A carving chisel that matched the radius of the inlay areas would make the task easy, but there are ways to trim the fans using a straight chisel. Below is a short video that demonstrates the process for simple fan inlay.

— Glen D. Huey

4 thoughts on “Fitting a Fan to the Tea Caddy

  1. George West

    love it, breaking down what looks like a really complex detail into just a few simple steps. Thanks Glen.

  2. Eric R

    It almost looks like you’ve cut a few of those before…..:)
    Great video as always; and more great banjo music.
    Thanks Chris.

  3. Scott

    What make of plane is that at the end? Its gorgeous.


    and thanks for the video, I’ll be trying this later in the week.

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