Enter Woodworking "Tricks of the Trade" Contest

Enter “Tricks of the Trade” Contest

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Here’s a great example of the sort of “trick” we hope never to see again!

Like money, good woodworking tips and tricks don’t grow on trees. But if you have a trick or two, send them along and you might convert them to cash. If you submit one of the top three tricks before December 1 this year you’ll win some extra prizes as well.

We’re getting a head start on “Tricks of the Trade” for the coming year. To get the ball rolling we’re staging a little contest. In addition to the regular payment of between $50 and $100 for an accepted trick submission, or the $250 Lee Valley/Veritas gift certificate for the best trick of the issue, the top three trick submissions during the contest will also receive a copy of Jeff Miller’s new book “The Foundations of Better Woodworking” and a DVD containing season 20 of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” TV Show.

Submit your trick by clicking on my name below, or send to popwoodtricks@fwmedia.com.

– Steve Shanesy


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  • Bill W

    Thanks Steve; you will find three or four new tips from me in your inbox.

    Bill Wells

  • shannonlove

    I think the only woodworking “tips” I have are the fingertips I left in the workshop. Okay, not really, but dang close.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    Thank you, I may have a one or two that I’ll submit.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    Will the tip I submitted a few months back be eligible? Or is the contest only for tips submitted from today on?

    • Steve Shanesy
      Steve Shanesy

      Hi, Bill,
      The contest is for tips submitted today and going forward to December 1.
      But I do thank you for your submission. I think your tip was suggested and will appear in the February issue.
      Please feel free to send along any others you have.

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