‘Easy Shaker and Arts & Crafts Projects’

I’ve just finished compiling five classic Shaker and Arts & Crafts projects from issues of Woodworking Magazine into one PDF arranged to build the maker’s skills as he or she works through building these classic projects.

Easy Shaker and Arts & Crafts Projects” starts out with Christopher Schwarz’s simple (but handsome) nailed-together Shaker silverware tray, and works up to his hanging Shaker cabinet with a frame-and-panel door.

In between, you’ll learn how to build Robert W. Lang’s Arts & Crafts hanging shelves and Christopher’s Stickley magazine stand and Shaker side table with a simple drawer.

You’ll also find an article on how to make a drawer with one saw setup and “Als Ik Kan,” Christopher’s musing on signing one’s work. All for just $3.99.

And even if you’re already a maestro in the workshop, I think you’ll find these classic pieces of furniture are fun to build (and they make great holiday gifts – on which it’s high time you get started!)

Download your copy of “Easy Shaker & Arts & Crafts Projects” now!

— Megan Fitzpatrick

7 thoughts on “‘Easy Shaker and Arts & Crafts Projects’

  1. Fred West

    Megan, three days later the link worked perfectly for me. So, based on what was said above, I believe that I must absolutely be related to the link. Would that be a correct reading? :o) Fred

  2. bluejazz

    If you click the link, then erase everything before the second www. the link will work. I believe Megan is really starting to hate URLs. 🙂

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      I don’t know what the &*^$% is going on. The html code is correct…yet when one clicks the link, the site is appending a prefix to the PW site before the actual store link. I’ve asked eMedia to look into it. But in the meantime, yeah, what bluejazz says works. Sigh.

      1. bluejazz

        Sorry to poke fun, I have had the same problem in hte past. It looks like a relative vs absolute link issue. You might try putting Http:// in front of the link. In the past I have seen it assume the link in relative when it is intended to be absolute. No guarantees of course, these are computers after all.

        1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

          Yeah – that seemed to be the trouble. Weird. I copied and pasted from the store just as I’ve always done. But I’ve added http. it works now. Reaching for the ibuprofen…

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