Dovetails Du Jour

There is no shortage of instruction on cutting dovetails. Hundreds of videos are available online, and any woodworking publication worth its salt will include information. But the secret is practice. We were tipped off to this video by an instructor at the Center for Furniture Craftmanship, on one student’s method to keep her skills sharp, without losing her chops.

–Robert W. Lang

6 thoughts on “Dovetails Du Jour

  1. Tom

    Loved it!

    For a second there I thought they were going to make a dovetail out of the soup. I guess it is soup out of a dovetail?

  2. megan

    In the note from the fellow who sent us the link, he explained that they were "shovetails" — made necessary by the limitations of the materials.

  3. Mark Smith

    Anyone notice these are non-dovetails?? Wouldn’t hold an apple together much less some tough cheese.

    What school was that she went to?

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