Design Build Show 2013

final-frontIf you’re in the Boston area, I’m envious – because you can attend the Furniture Project’s 2013 Design Build Show, which starts tomorrow, Feb. 21, and runs through Feb. 24, at the Seaport World Trade Center. The main impetus for the annual event is to connect makers and buyers of high-quality, custom furniture, and to give makers an opportunity to showcase their talents. So what that means is that there is a lot of high-end woodworking inspiration on display.

One of those projects is Zachary Dillinger’s William & Mary Spice Box (shown above), about which he’s written his first Popular Woodworking Magazine article (it’s slated for our August 2013 issue). And, he’s tweeting live from the show; you can follow him at @zdillinger, hashtag #zdatdbs2013. (I can only assume he won’t be demonstrating hand-tool sash making and tweeting at the same time… but maybe he’s just that talented.) So if you can make it, stop by, heckle Zach, and enjoy the show.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

If you can’t make it to the show but want to see some high-end pieces and learn how to build them, Glen D. Huey’s book “Building 18th-Century American Furniture” is on sale for approximately what my lunch cost today – just $12.50…and the book will last you a lot longer (though presumably not taste as good).

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    1. zdillingerzdillinger

      My Twitter feed from the show has a number of photos of the pieces available. I don’t think the show organizers have the official photos available yet.

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