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‘Condor Tails’ Slideshow

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Here are some additional photos from the “Condor Tails” process by Jameel Abraham. Be sure to read the full article in our August 2011 issue. Click on an image to enlarge. Use the back button to return to the gallery.



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  • Jon

    Is that an Agazzani bandsaw?

    • Jameel Abraham

      Jon, It’s a Bridgewood (Italian-made), 18″.

  • DonP

    Thanks for the additional images they are always appreciated. The frustration of seeing a piece in the magazine is you can’t open the top or look under the table with a flashlight (when the guard isn’t looking). I would strongly encourage more of this – it’s a perfect use for the internet page.
    Thanks again

    • Ajax Alexandre

      I’m glad you found the additional images helpful, Don. We plan on using more of these type images in the future.

      • Steve_OH

        Two comments:

        1) It would be nice if this were implemented as an actual slide show, with navigation and thumbnails. Maybe even banjo (oud?) music.

        2) Jameel needs to take better care of his hands.


        • goredsus

          +1 on the slide show. At the very least, need a way to go to the next picture because I tend to lose the flow of what’s going on when I hit the “back” button on my browser. Can’t wait to get the magazine to read the article.

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