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Coming Soon – For the Time-challenged Woodworker

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About 12 years ago we conducted a survey asking woodworkers what their “wish lists” included, and in what order their replies ranked. There were the expected answers: free wood, a complete Powermatic shop and, of course, a barn-sized shop. But the number-one answer was more time in the shop. I don’t think the intervening years have made time more available, so it’s no surprise that woodworkers gravitate toward projects that will give them the best return on their valuable time.

We aim to please, so we put our heads together and put together a book of 40 projects that are doable within a weekend of work. “The Weekend Woodworker’s Project Collection” has bookcases, storage, accessories, mirrors and more. All the projects are good-looking , and they don’t require a lot of wood, so you’ll save a few bucks as well. The book won’t be available until the end of October, (but you can pre-order today for only $15.63), so we’ve put together a Flickr presentation to give you a taste of what’s inside.

If you’re short on time but still want to make some dust, then this collection will give you plenty of options.

, David Thiel

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  • John

    Sounds like an interesting book that I might have to add to my collection.

    Will this be available through Amazon?

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