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Come With us to Atlanta to See the Newest Tools

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Tuesday morning, the Popular Woodworking staff heads to Atlanta for the International Woodworking Fair to see all the new tools that will be in the stores just in time for Christmas (what a coincidence that is).

We’ll be filing blog posts (with photos) of the newest, coolest stuff we see in power equipment and hand tools. We’ve been given a preview of some of this stuff, but this will be the first time we get to really mess with the tools, look under the hood, kick the tires and the like.

So stay tuned here for the next few days. I can promise there will be a few surprises.

Here’s one: Hitachi has a new cabinet saw coming out. Some of us remember that Hitachi used to have a lot more heavy machinery in its line. The company’s famous combination jointer/planer still graces a lot of serious shops. And Senior Editor Robert Lang says he remembers when the Hitachi table saw was truly the top of the heap. Could this mark a return to form for this company, which has specialized more on the handheld power tools and miter saws in recent years?

The C10LA looks a bit like a hybrid saw to my eye. The motor is 1-1/2 hp and the saw weighs about 300 pounds overall. The real question will be if the saw’s trunnions attach to the top or the base. And how does that fence lock down exactly? And a million other questions that race through our head whenever we get our hands on a table saw.

We also have caught wind that Lee Valley Tools is going to have some new and very interesting hand tools to show. So there will be something for everyone: the Normite, and those outside the norm.

– Christopher Schwarz

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