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If Cleanliness is Next to Godliness…

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If cleanliness is truly next to godliness, then we are lords of the underworld.

I took this picture (and shot the video below) whilst standing atop my bench…my bench to which one must take a wholly circuitous route past large builds, old projects, my pile of plywood, machinery…my fault for choosing the windows at the far side of the shop, I suppose.

But the trip got a little harder after our new neighbors moved into the building; Tesla leased the space between our cubicles in the F+W Media photo studio, so instead of coming in the interior side door (to the left of the Powermatic band saw and electric panel), we now have to enter from the exterior door that is to the right of Chuck Bender’s hanging tool cabinet and the two massive cherry boards at the far right corner.

We also lost our roll-up door; Tesla bricked in the wall behind it. So we’re getting a new one – and before that happens, we have to clean and rearrange.

The new garage door will be behind the Powermatic table saw, where we currently have the Makita chop saw and stand that Robert Lang built for our February 2007 issue (built to last, clearly).

Today is the day; we all wore grubbies and brought our work gloves. Cleaning is my idea of purgatory – which gets us, I suppose, a little closer to the mouth of hell.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • FiatBen

    Watching the video, I felt so at home, with the exceptions of bright, painted walls, the big window and actual floor space. I am looking forward to seeing the “after” video. Coincidentally, I am also going through a cleaning and reorganizing phase in my shop. This was spurred by the purchase and modifications of a dust collector, but on the up side, I can actually walk completely through my shop again (for now!)

  • Clay Dowling

    So do you get to test drive the Teslas?

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Nope 🙁

  • thompmj

    Purgatory and the mouth of hell? Megan were you wandering through a dark and desolate wood, pursued by strange animals finding Virgil in a clearing at the end?

    (Was that nerdy enough for your liking?)

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Yes. But I must say, after a half-day of cleaning (thus far), I feel as if I’m a bit farther along than halfway on my life’s journey.

      • thompmj

        Yes, that can become quite tiresome. Keep in mind…at the end of your journey is your lost love and paradise!

        Good luck.

  • deric

    I could deal with the mess, just give me all that machinery.

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