Chuck Bender: Come to Woodworking in America

Chuck Bender: No BS on WIA

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Don’t miss Woodworking in America – Don’t miss Chuck Bender



Also, check out Chuck Bender’s great DVDs:

“Dovetail Mastery”

“Down and Dirty Sharpening”

“Cabriole Legs Simplified”

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  • BoredCutter

    I wish to sweet Krenov that we COULD travel to WIA this year. Alas, we’re stuck in our beloved home town for the moment, (bad economy, no real discretionary funds, blah blah blah…).

    I DID want to ask if there was anyway to purchase/obtain your 149 Best Shop Secrets being offered to new subscribers. I don’t qualify, since I am a long time subscriber already.

    Sorry to bother you about this, Ms. Fitzpatrick, could you tell me who should I ask?


    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Check your e-mail

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