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Bob’s Bench-Week 2 Becomes Week 3

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Sometimes it’s hard to get enough shop time in, and that’s how it’s felt the last week and a half. We’ve been scrambling to get the next issue of Woodworking Magazine ready to send to the printer and getting our October issue going. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m taking lots of photos and we’re shooting video and that can really slow things down. Even though I’ve been moving at glacial speed, I’ve made progress.

The other thing slowing me down is me. This bench will be around for a long time, and will likely be the object of scrutiny, so I’m fussing over things more than I otherwise might. I don’t look at this project as a piece of furniture, but I don’t want to make any compromises. Ten years from now I’d like to look at the joints and say “that looks pretty good.” At that distance I know I won’t be saying “I’m sure glad I got home in time for dinner the day I made that ugly joint.” The picture above is the last joint in the base and leg assembly. This is the inside of the outer half of one of the legs. A wedge gets knocked in the empty space and holds the rail to the legs.

That’s what it looks like after the legs are laminated together and the base is assembled. It’s nice  to be at this point but there is still a lot of work left. The base needs to be prettified by planing all the surfaces smooth and flush, and I’ll need to knock off the sharp corners. The upper rails will attach with lag screws, and I’ll attach the top the same way. Then it will be on to installing the vises, drilling the dog dog holes, and making the tool trays and shelf. All of that by this time next week, when the final photo shoot is scheduled.

It wears me out just thinking about it.

–Bob Lang

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  • Alan

    Looks like it’s already functioning well, in that bottom picture! Good to see some progress on your bench!

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