Bach & Roll Music: An Outdoor Project Like No Other

There are woodworking projects and then there are amazing woodworking projects.

A couple weeks back a friend pointed me to a video and basically said “Just watch it. You won’t be disappointed.” Click here to watch the video. Well, I did watch and was awestruck. I had to watch a second time. A couple hours and a third viewing later, I went searching for more on this video and found a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video. Do yourself a favor and watch the “Making of” after seeing the original by clicking here.

It is a tribute to man’s creativity, ingenuity and a reminder that if you ever think you’ve come close to exploring most of the things you can do with a pile of wood, there’s surely something else to discover. Promise – even if you hate classical music you’ll love this rendition of Bach’s Cantata 147 or “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”

Steve Shanesy

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3 thoughts on “Bach & Roll Music: An Outdoor Project Like No Other

    1. Buster

      then why did you take the time to even reply. as you can read, most of us truly enjoyed the piece. I admit, most or at least many of us would never attempt to duplicate it, but all those that I sent the link to enjoyed it. . .

  1. griffintx

    Unbelievable! Both the commercial and the “behind the scenes” videos are fantastic. I’m a Bach fan, too, so it was doubly amazing. What creativity.

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