Ask Us Anything May 23


On Monday, May 23 at 1PM EST, we (Megan Fitzpatrick and I) will be doing an AMA (ask me(us) anything) on the subreddit r/woodworking on Reddit to talk about Woodworking in America 2016.

Meet us there and ask us any questions that you may have about woodworking, running a magazine or anything else that comes to mind (like how to properly spell rabbet).

So if you have the time on Monday, head over to r/woodworking at 1pm EST and have a chat with us.

Just click this link to get to the front page or r/woodworking…

— Jon Russelburg

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About Jon Russelburg

Jon is the former Online Editor of Popular Woodworking. He was a professional cabinetmaker and furniture maker before joining the team here, and is a graduate of Western Kentucky University. Jon is currently embracing the life of a hybrid woodworker.