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A fellow at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Open House video taped my demo and posted it to It’s here

I thought it was nice of him to ask permission to tape me and ask permission to post a clip. And he chose a clip that won’t get me in trouble.

The argument I give in the video isn’t very convincing, though I’m 90% convinced its true. It is possible that approentices stopped at jack planed surfaces. Though, even those aren’t always very fair. I think it would be more trouble than it’s worth to explain how rough a baoard can be in each particular face. One really does see fairly rough surfaces on some 18th c work.

As freaky as it is to see myself on video tape, easily looking 50 pounds heavier than I am, hearing my nasaly high pitched voice, I think it’s good to have videos like this one out there. You can watch it carefully and see how I hold my planes, my technique, their performance etc.

Thank you Jamie for taping me and posting this video.


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  • Adam Cherubini

    Thanks for the kind words, Winston.

    I’m not a big fan of trying to make boards out timber. That is now and has alays been a job for a saw mill. My advice is to split that lumber for chair parts- I really wanted to make my ladder back out of walnut, but I just could find 10 or 12/4 locally. Ditto for cherry. I woudl ruive that into larger sections for chairs, beds, table legs etc. The mahogany for a Chippendale chair legs isn’t cheap. You want 2-3/4" at least. Maybe you should reserve that walnut for a Philadelphia chair of some sort?

    I think splitting wood with wedges is the best way to convert trees into useable lumber.

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