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A fellow at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Open House video taped my demo and posted it to It’s here

I thought it was nice of him to ask permission to tape me and ask permission to post a clip. And he chose a clip that won’t get me in trouble.

The argument I give in the video isn’t very convincing, though I’m 90% convinced its true. It is possible that approentices stopped at jack planed surfaces. Though, even those aren’t always very fair. I think it would be more trouble than it’s worth to explain how rough a baoard can be in each particular face. One really does see fairly rough surfaces on some 18th c work.

As freaky as it is to see myself on video tape, easily looking 50 pounds heavier than I am, hearing my nasaly high pitched voice, I think it’s good to have videos like this one out there. You can watch it carefully and see how I hold my planes, my technique, their performance etc.

Thank you Jamie for taping me and posting this video.


One thought on “YouTube Video

  1. Adam Cherubini

    Thanks for the kind words, Winston.

    I’m not a big fan of trying to make boards out timber. That is now and has alays been a job for a saw mill. My advice is to split that lumber for chair parts- I really wanted to make my ladder back out of walnut, but I just could find 10 or 12/4 locally. Ditto for cherry. I woudl ruive that into larger sections for chairs, beds, table legs etc. The mahogany for a Chippendale chair legs isn’t cheap. You want 2-3/4" at least. Maybe you should reserve that walnut for a Philadelphia chair of some sort?

    I think splitting wood with wedges is the best way to convert trees into useable lumber.

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