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So I’m cutting this 4 foot long dado, running my plane against a nailed on fence, and guess where stupid puts the nails.

I didn’t want to sink the nail, because it might hit the bench or would just be harder to pull out. But boy, you’d think I could have set it back a little further. Just look at that 18th century knuckle eater.

Its times like these when I’m glad my name isn’t Underhill. I made it!

– Adam Cherubini

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  • Mike Wenzloff

    Wow, Adam, that could have hurt had you kissed the nail!

    fwiw, whenever possible I lay up both mirrored carcasses so I can run the dadoes across both at once. Which is what I assume you are doing.

    Nurse dado plane. Lovely tools.

    Take care, Mike

  • Adam

    I had to cross cut them first. Its kinda hard to explain. You’re looking at me working cross grain and the stock was only 13" wide. So you’re seeing twp glued up panels back to back (actually front to front). I made one glue up, cross cut it, then rotated each piece 90 degrees to get what you see. Sorry this is so confusing.

  • Dave Owsley

    Hi Adam,
    Are these the sides of your desk Prior to cross cutting?

  • Adam

    Hi Roderick!

    Its 7/8", yeah, I have several planes and use each only for features of that size. Actually the fence is secured by nails all down the length. But the board was twisted a little and I was afraid that twist would effect the straightness. You should know that I planed that edge straight and square when clamped to the side of the bench.

    Thanks for the good questions. My Kendo teacher used to tell me "Adam, sometimes simplest things are most important". I think he was right about that and right about a great many things.


  • Roderick Drumgoole


    What size dado are you cutting, 3/4", 7/8" or ? Do you normally cut this joint based on the dado plane that you have or do you have several planes in that range? Also, since your fence appears to be pretty much ‘locked’ down with your wooden clamps, why would you still need the nail?


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