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Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Video

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Shannon at The Renaissance Woodworker blog taped some of my freak show at Alan Turner’s. He reported what I said there very carefully and very accurately (thanks Shannon). For those of you who are thinking about signing up for my basic 18th c skills classes, this is a taste of what you can expect and what I want to see you do before class is over. No parlor tricks here. Just basic techniques that you can learn.

I don’t often rip on a single horse. You can see me fumbling a bit, balancing my board with my foot. I brought two horses, but a fellow was sitting on the other and he looked so comfortable I didn’t have the heart to kick him off it.

The blog cast is RWW#25 and it’s located here.


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  • mv

    i don’t know a lot about wood working but i know something about mosaics. I just saw a movie about the guy who covered the building in south philly with beautiful mosaics, Isiah Zagar. The movie is called In A Dream and will be playing at Ritz Bourse in old City April 17th. check it out!

  • Shannon

    I remember that guy sitting on the horse. He did look comfortable. That was a great day!

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