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Fine Art in PWW magazine

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I’m reading the latest issue of PWW and enjoying the discussions of fine art therein. George Walker’s column is overtly artistic. I think this is another great move by The Schwarz. We may not like the idea of studying art, but I think this is as critical a subject as which glue to use or how to cut a joint.

Mark Arnold’s article also had a fair bit of discussion about fine art. I was happy to see that in there.

I know this hasn’t always been a popular theme with woodworkers. So I’m glad to see the page space devoted to it. I hope all of you support this. Kudos to the authors and editorial staff for being brave enough to discuss art in a woodworking magazine.

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  • Adam Cherubini

    Seriously. Think about what it takes to work wood, let alone do it with hand tools. You need so many skills just to cut the wood and put it together. Art? Composition? It’s simply too much to ask. But I think you guys are up to the challenge. Obviously Chris and the rest of the staff (Glen, Megan, Bob, Linda, Al, and Drew) think so too. I agree. But you run the risk of sounding haughty or being labelled elitist or worse,….boring!

  • James Watriss

    I think that’s one of the reasons that it’s so unpopular. It’s hard to struggle through dovetails and so on, and then stand back and admit that the product of your efforts is… less than pretty.

  • james

    Not a popular theme huh? I suspect many readers are hobbyist who struggle with the technical aspect of woodworking and resist attempts to engage in other matters like art or design.

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