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I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of your thoughtful comments.  They were helpful and constructive and I thank you for them all.  So helpful were they, that I may ask for help again in the near future.  We’re talking about what you want to see in YOUR Popular Woodworking magazine.  You are helping to shape the way I, and others like me, deliver ww content.  I think that’s exciting.  And so very “Schwarzich” (that would be pigeon german for Chris Schwarz-like).

I have the article I’m working on sorted. I’m 2 ahead of the December issue. Both are boarded furniture related, and I may do more in what is shaping up to be an interesting series on the subject (though they may not all be in order, I’ll let you know).

For those interested, I think I need to cover what I feel are the essential elements of the style in detail.  And since I believe that form follows process, I feel I must cover some details of the process I use.  But I’ll limit how much of that I share with you. And thanks to all of you who recommended as much.

Lastly, I want to make sure I say clearly that I’m not feeling oppressed by my evil editor Megan Fitzpatrick.  I always feel privileged and grateful for the support everyone at PW has given A&M.  It can’t be great for the bottom line.  A&M exists because of the personal commitments of folks like Megan (and Bob and Linda).  I hope I didn’t lead anyone to believe I felt differently.


6 thoughts on “Comments Appreciated

  1. Shawn Nichols

    You guys beat me to the reply: I’m interested in a book as well. It’s hilarious how my woodworking interests have changed. I used to skip the A&M columns when I first started five or six years ago. I had no interest in hand tools or nail furniture. Now I can’t get enough. Keep on keepin’ Adam.

  2. DonP


    I think we did learn a few things. First the herd is nerves, easily spooked and you steeped on a twig. Two – people really really do read your blog (and like you). Third – a one room school house is not ideal. Last many of the comments were in truth directed to all the PW staff.

    I never thought of Megan as an evil editor. She did once promise to put on her “mean face” to help me with a problem.

    Gary Roberts comment is spot on. I have been searching for cut nails on the internet with minimal success. Any search on the interned should exclude the words toes and fingers. There is a very passionate squabble between the straights and rounds (way past the pins or tails first dialogue).

    I did get in some from Kentucky Hardware that were interesting. Tremont shipping is a little high but many sources repackage them in smaller quantities. Horton Brasses carries a nice selection; The Wrought head nails are especially nice. I need to ask them why on one inch size. I am looking for nails that are suitable for smaller scale work.

    Searches for blacksmiths making nails was most disappointing; I have always believed that every woodworker should be assigned there own blacksmith. I do have a local smith but he only makes one size and only in small batches. I have been thinking about writing one of the blacksmith associations. Do we have any idea of the market size?

    One last thought. There is one way to mitigate the magazine space limitation. It’s called a book.

    Thanks Don

    1. Adam CherubiniAdam Cherubini Post author

      Agreed on all points. I have a few things to say about nails. Need to take a few more pictures. Should see a blog post about it this weekend. Now if I can only get my Christmas shopping done!

  3. rfrancis

    I have been trying to register to comment for several days- not easy!
    And to say that you ought to be making the content you post into a book.
    Are there any publishers around who can help you, and make ornery content into something useful?
    And maybe you could get St Roy or George Wilson to annotate or write an introduction.
    But you would need to be careful to have a very picky editor.
    And keep writing – they are essential content.

    1. Adam CherubiniAdam Cherubini Post author

      “I have been trying to register to comment for several days- not easy!”

      I’ll glad you stuck with it. I want to know what you have to say.

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