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Arts & Mysteries Online: Coming Soon

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From the Editor: Arts & Mysteries is one of our most-read columns in Popular Woodworking magazine. Whether you sympathize with Adam Cherubini’s approach to working wood entirely with hand tools or think he’s simply a glutton for punishment, I think we all can agree on one thing: Adam’s column is never boring.

The 2007 series of Arts & Mysteries columns will feature Adam building a period-style piece using period-style tools and wearing a high-style Bosch Tools T-shirt that we’re certain he has tucked away in his wardrobe. Because of the immense amounts of photos, tips and tales this project is sure to generate, we thought it was best to simply give the man a blog so he can supplement the printed version of Arts & Mysteries with an electronic one.

Here you’ll be able to follow Adam’s progress on his project, find out what has gone wrong (and right) and even be able to comment on his blog entries by clicking on the “Comments” button below.  So check back here in the coming weeks, or simply suscribe to our e-mail newsletter, where we’ll announce the official launch of the Arts & Mysteries blog.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Stephen Campbell

    Your Arts and Mysteries articles have been my favorites! Thanks for supplementing them in your blog.

  • Roger Nixon

    I’m glad to see this blog. Adam is one of the most interesting writers around!

  • dave brown

    I’m glad that Adam’s column is back in the magazine. After enjoying his piece each month, I missed it when it took a hiatus. For me, the biggest discovery has been taking a long, critical look at each and every tool in my workshop. By doing that, I can think about which tools I enjoy and use the most, which tools I need, which tools I want (which doesn’t get to trump need) and which tools I should really get rid of because they’re not being used and just taking up space — and they’re locking up funds that could go to a better use — like more lumber! 😉

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