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PW has published a compilation of my column to date and added some great Schwarz content to round it out narratively. What you get is a cd that works a little like a webpage. There’s an introductory screen that includes a linked table of contents. Click on the article and you get a searchable pdf document. It should work on any computer.

I’m thrilled to see it. Many folks have asked when I’m going to publish my articles in a book. I think this is better. Schwarz really convinced me of just how ecologically evil the printing industry is. Let’s save the trees for woodworking.

Just to remind you, there are few articles of mine that I think everyone should have a copy of handy; the ball and claw is probably one of the best, most complete looks at this subject ever. Though there’s plenty of quibble with, I think the “Soul and Basis of our Art” was one of my best and worth reviewing. Ditto, the “Plumley Inventory” is worth a reread. Personally, I took a look over my earliest articles to see if and how my writing changed. I think you can certainly see me growing as an author and a woodworker over those 4 years.

My friends and I often joke about our woodworking libraries (how large they are- how you could spend all your ww time making bookshelves to hold your ww books). On the subjects of period woodworking and building case furniture with hand tools, there really aren’t that many good titles. For this reason alone, I think that if this subject interests you, you should have a copy.


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  • Colin

    I came accross here.
    They should do the magazine earlier, I think.

  • Chuck Nickerson

    I’m going to buy the CD, but don’t write-off the book idea. A well-written book has connective tissue that aids learning. There may also be topics you chose not to put in the articles that would fit in a book format.

  • Scrap Wood

    You are the man. You have a great sense of humor. That’s probaly why your writing is so good. I would give you a man hug if it were possible.

  • Adam Cherubini

    I think magazines put out compliations because there’s demand for them. I have several Taunton "Best ofs" in my ww library. PW put out a "best of" called Hand Tool Essentials. Almost like an art exhibit of paintings you’ve seen before, sometimes (when it’s done well) seeing articles you’ve read before side by side changes your interpretation of them. I think that’s true of "Hand Tool Essentials" and Taunton’s "Best of Reproduction Furniture Making" (both of which I recommend).

    We all want to be adored by someone. Personally, call me wierd, I’m not really interested in the adoration of flannel shirt wearing older men! 🙂


  • Scrap Wood

    F&W Pubs is looking more and more like Taunton in it’s constant reworking of already published material. I think they call it a cash cow or someting there abouts. The woodworking industry authors are resembling carnival barkers more and more. I gues we all want to be adored.

  • Jamie Bacon

    Have been waiting for this! Always the first article I go to when I receive my Popular Woodworking in the mail.

  • Bjenk Ellefsen

    At last!

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