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Advertisements in Woodworking Magazines

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Favorite Woodworking AdWhile building the new American Woodworker Magazine Compilation disk (you can get it as a download, too), I was asked to check the issue PDFs as they came in. I checked every page in all the issues, one at a time. Many of the articles were immediately pulled out for my personal use (I guarantee that you’ll find a library full of woodworking articles, too), and I was amazed at the pieces of furniture in the Reader’s Gallery. Plus, who wouldn’t want to read the 500 or more Workshop Tips published in the 173 issues? I also have to say that I enjoyed the advertisements!

In fact, I like advertisements in woodworking magazines. There’s a great amount of information in some ads. It’s a snapshot of what’s hot, new or interesting at the time. Plus, I like the creativity – I watch the Super Bowl commercials, too.

As you thumb through the magazine advertisements, you see a younger Norm Abram and Scott Phillips in Delta ads, you see ads for tools that are no longer as big in woodworking (remember how strong plate joiners were when introduced – I still use mine on occasion) and you quickly see companies that have stood the test of time and are still running advertisements today.

My all-time favorite woodworking advertisement is from JET. The shadow tossed off the band saw is cast upon the wall as a high chest of drawers. Very clever. Very creative. JET should be proud of this ad. The ad team back in the day should have been given a prize, party or an extra day off.

Another advertisement that you may remember is from Woodcraft (shown below). You have to look close.

If you have a favorite woodworking magazine advertisement, list it below in the comment section. If you have a photo, send it in and I’ll add it to this post.

— Glen D. Huey












Here's an advertisement sent in by a reader. I happen to know that it's a favorite of his due to the fact that he is the model in the ad.

Here’s an advertisement sent in by a reader. I happen to know that it’s a favorite of his due to the fact that he is the model in the ad.

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  • victorian756

    I have mixed feelings over the advertisements in the magazine. I do read them and find many to be very informative. However I did very much enjoy “Woodworking Magazine” with
    Chris policy of NO advertisement.. I do feel that advertisers can have a definite effect of the editorial policy and content of the magazine. I, personally, would very much like to see the restoration of a fine wood working magazine like “Woodworking Magazine”.

  • Cosmo

    My latest edition of Popular Woodworking arrived in the mail yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to page through until this morning.
    As I checked my email (the 1st thing I do after making coffee), one from Pop Wood’s editor’s blog was there.and Chuck Bender’s piece on advertising prompted me to pick up the magazine and start leafing through. Of all the ads, there was only one that I can say I really liked.
    The Lie-Nielsen ad on page 21 is clean, simple and to the point. The background of nicely squared stock, a precisely cut and fitted dovetail joint, and a piece of figured maple shows off the 2 block planes nicely. Very nice ad.

  • larry7293

    Congrats to Glen Huey, Editor, American Woodworker
    By: Megan Fitzpatrick | February 20, 2014

    Is American Woodworker’s last magazine going to be the Aug. /Sept. 2014 issue???

  • Travis Knapp

    Porky Pig (shirt but no pants, underwear or shoes)

    Thats the best way to work wood…..

  • smegwood

    Glen, I share your appreciation of good ads. The first is indeed clever and the second is, dare I say, cheeky?


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