Add a PopWood Digital Sub to Your Print Sub for $10

I don’t know how I missed this! We’ve updated the “FAQs” on our (DRM-free) digital subscriptions, and someone snuck in a new (and long-awaited) question and answer:

“Q:  I already subscribe to Popular Woodworking.  Can I add a digital subscription? A: If you are a current subscriber, you can add a digital subscription for $10 by calling Customer Service at 877-860-9140. Offer Code:  U2DADD.”

So for all of you who’ve been asking, we do indeed now offer a dual subscription – and all it takes is a phone call, the offer code above and a sawbuck.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

9 thoughts on “Add a PopWood Digital Sub to Your Print Sub for $10

  1. Bernard Naish

    Hi Megan, I hope you get it set up on the customer services site soon as calling from England is too difficult. Regards, Bernard Naish

  2. mikerapolas

    Megan, is the $10 a one time payment?

    Also, can this be done online or do we have to call?

    Thanks, Mike Rapolas

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Mike, I’m sorry…not quite sure what you mean by “one-time payment?” (Holiday brain freeze…). But yes, we’ve nothing yet set up on the customer service web site, so you do have to call.

      1. BruceWLove

        He means to you just pay once for the additional (like a service fee) or is it an extra $10 added to the yearly subscription fee. I have the same question.

        I’d sort of like to get both for a while to see if I really like just using my iPad. My middle-aged eyes don’t always like the iPad as much (still waiting for the iPad Maxi).

          1. dmac4870

            Just signed up for it, very excited, thanks! FYI, I don’t know how circulation will rule, but I would be willing to pay an additional $10 a year with my print subscription to get both…seems reasonable to me. Actually, it’d be nice to offer them as a bundle, print and digital for one price.

            Just thinking out loud here.

            Happy Holidays to All!

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