Woodworking in America 2014: Complete list of Speakers

2014 WIA Speakers: The Complete List

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WIA_toast-1620The full 2014 WoodworkingInAmerica.com site should be live any day now, and on it, you’ll find the schedule, sessions descriptions, speaker bios and much more – and we’ll be adding to the list of Marketplace vendors as they come in. (Visit the site now to sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop on early bird deadlines, registration information, etc.)

Registration will open in just a couple weeks…to give you a little bit of time to peruse the sessions and speakers, and arrange for your Sept 12-14 vacation.

When: Sept. 12-14, 2014
Where: Winston-Salem, N.C.
Why: Because it’s an entire weekend of woodworking fun (and learning).

You’ll have to wait for the site to go live to get the schedule and session descriptions, but for now, here is the complete list of speakers and their session titles.

Dale Barnard: Methods for Making Stickley Quadralinear Legs
Chuck Bender:
Carving Basics; Shells, Shells & More Shells
Jerome Bias:
Thomas Day
Matt Bickford:
Traditional Moulding Planes
Tom Caspar:
Scrapers 101; Tune Your Band Saw for Top Performance
Matt Cianci:
Saw Sharpening 101
Brian Coe:
Germanic Techniques & Setting Up Shop for Reproductions
Graham Blackburn:
5 Favorite Hand-tool Appliances; Bench Plane Basics
Patrick Edwards:
Historic Marquetry Processes; Building & Using a Chevalet
Peter Galbert:
Windsor Innovations; Rocking Chairs; Chairmaker’s Roundtable
Glen D. Huey:
Understanding Broken Arch Pediments; Add “Wow!” to Your Projects with Inlay
Megan Fitzpatrick: How the Sausage Gets Made; Chairmaker’s Roundtable (moderator)
Frank Klausz: Table Saw Jigs; Dovetails the Right Way (Frank’s Way); Frank’s Favorite Joints
Drew Langser: An Angle on Windsors; Carving Tools for Green Work; Chairmaker’s Roundtable
Robert Leath, Johanna Brown, June Lucas: Elements of the Southern Style: Piedmont & Moravian Furniture
Phil Lowe: Angled Joinery for a Queen Anne Chair; Orthographic Drawing; Chairmaker’s Roundtable
Will Neptune: Table Saw Joinery; Curved Work in Furniture Making
Wilbur Pan: Japanese Chisels and Saws; Japanese Planes
Roy Underhill: Making the Roubo Bookstand; Combination Planes
Don Williams: Secrets of Period Finishing; Gilding; Chairmaker’s Roundtable

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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Showing 13 comments
  • EricT

    I plan to attend this year and am excited for so many of the presentations!

    Ron Herman will still be missed. I hope Pop Wood will consider returning him to the lineup next year!

  • jeberle

    I thought I read on Twitter or tweeter or tooter that the squirrels ate him.

  • creatingsawdust

    It’s a shame about Chuck. He would be a no-brainier for the Chairmaker’s Roundtable. He’s not only has a lot of building experience but he’s also well read on the topic.

  • armerlo

    The “related post” above on Tricks of the Trade & End Grain Contests – Win a Copy of ‘Handsaw Essentials’ is dated Oct 9, 2013 and submissions were due by November 2013. Is there a new contest with new dates or what?

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Sorry; no. The related posts are auto-generated…I should ask if we can better target those.

    • Chuck Bender
      Chuck Bender

      Let me dig around the shelves here at the office and see if I can come up with something else good to give away but, if I put up the contest, you have to send me some tricks…

  • Periodcraftsmen

    Shocked to see that Chuck, Will and Phil are not on the chair roundtable.

    • Chuck Bender
      Chuck Bender

      Phil is. As for me and Will, we’ll be heckling from the front row… I mean, we’ll be teaching if I recall the schedule.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I was trying not to work people too hard! They are, of course, welcome if they wish to join (although Chuck is already teaching at that time).

  • wessmith

    Sweet! That’s just up I-85 from me.

    “Building & Using a Chevalet..” I am so there

  • pmac

    Any idea of the actual date that registration will open?

    PS. Vacations are easier to plan before the kids are back in school.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I don’t want to promise, because we’re not the ones who control it – but I believe it will be the first week of April (again, no promises!)

      • pmac

        Ok. Great. The first week of April it is. I’m gonna hold you to it.
        (You’ve heard of selective hearing? Well I suffer from selective reading.) 🙂

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