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The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 1

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Over on his blog, Christopher Schwarz has been writing the 2014 Anarchist’s Gift Guide since Dec, 1. I’m starting a little late with my 2014 Sybarite’s Gift Guide…because too much self-indulgence leads to blackouts (apparently), and causes one to not realize it’s already a new month.

Like Chris’s, the woodworking-related gift ideas I’ll be presenting are 100-percent unsponsored. But unlike Chris’s, these are not items likely to be found in too many stockings…unless you’ve been an very good girl or boy indeed.

While I have been able to buy a couple of the items on my forthcoming list (for which I count myself a lucky girl), most of them, I have not…and likely never will. But hey – what’s life without a little dreaming!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.04.30 PMBridge City HP-11FW Tapered Body Shoulder Plane

I’ve used a slightly less rarefied version of this plane (the Bridge City Tool Works HP-7, on which the ergonomics are excellent (even for my small hands) and the performance is every bit as good as you’d expect.

And this HP-11 is shinier. (What can I say…my kinda bling!)

— Megan Fitzpatrick



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  • Pulling60

    Reminds me when I tried to price one of my woodworking projects as if I would make a profit… But then, I would only have to sell one!


  • TOD

    I have some Bridge City Tools but had to stop buying them because they became to expensive. Go for it I guess if you have the money. Sometimes going with something a step down will work just fine.

  • AlanWS

    If you’re going for beautiful planes, I don’t think you can beat a bronze Lie-Nielsen engraved by Catharine Kennedy.

  • xMike

    Holy Christmas! Megan.
    Does it come with a gold chain so’s you can wear it when you are out and about?

  • pmac

    Is this list going to be the Megan Fitzpatrick version of Oprah’s favorite things? You’ve started it out on the right track with a $2K+ plane. (Hope you go the whole nine yards with it and hand them out to your “audience”.)

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Yup…pretty much (except for the handing them out part – sorry!)

      • gumpbelly

        Megan on occasion you have written that you aren’t Richie Rich, or a female descendant.. Over a LN or LV shoulder plane do you feel this justifies the extra $$$$BLING$$$$$


        That little nagging voice that says REALLY??????

        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          A Toyota gets you from a to b as well as a Bentley. Would I buy a Bentley? No…but I’m not a car person. I am a plane person.

        • Clay Dowling

          You may find in the local paper a small personal ad: “Seeking well heeled suitor, must be tolerant of cats, extensive remodeling projects and dates the end up at a lumber merchant.”

          • Megan Fitzpatrick
            Megan Fitzpatrick

            Ha! If only!

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