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glenGlen Huey, currently managing editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine, has earned a well-deserved promotion. But first, a little back story:

In January, our parent company, F+W Media, acquired New Track Media, a company with a portfolio of magazines, books, supplies and events that help people get better at what they love to do – in other words, interest areas that fit in perfectly with the F+W family of magazines, books, stores, online education, events and more for fine artists, graphic designers, writers, sewers and quilters, to name just a few (you can find out more about all things F+W on our corporate site).

New Track was also the parent company of American Woodworker, a venerable magazine that’s been a mainstay in thousands of shops for several decades (including my grandfather’s – he had a big stack of AWs on his shelves).

Now that may seem like a conflict of interests – AW is, after all, a competitor to Popular Woodworking Magazine. But we’re embracing it as an opportunity for F+W to offer two excellent woodworking magazines, each with a unique focus and distinct editorial voice.

No doubt we’ll be telling you more about that in the weeks to come. But for now, please join me in congratulating Glen D. Huey (he is – of course – the one on the right in the picture above), who will take the reins as content director (that’s “editor” to the non-media world) of American Woodworker.

Tom Caspar, the current editor, will remain on staff and work out of his home in Minnesota; so will Brad Holden, who handles AW’s tech tips and tool tips. And, you can expect to read all your favorite AW contributors and columnists.

Editorial operations will move to Cincinnati, effective April 25 (after the issue currently underway is complete), where we’ll share both an office and shop – so the only thing Glen has to do to get his “new” space ready is return the PWM style book.

I have nothing but praise for Glen’s work as managing editor during the last year at PWM…except to lament that he’s been managing editor for only one year. One of the reasons I was so happy to bring Glen on staff as managing editor was his business background; I knew he’d quickly grasp the ins and outs of handling the day-to-day operations of a publication and web site. And he did. (Too well, it seems!) I know first-hand how eager he is for new challenges, and how quickly he rises to meet them.

I won’t miss him, per se; he’ll be only two cubes away. But I’ll absolutely miss his contributions to PWM, both as a writer and as managing editor. I know he’ll make a great content director.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. In addition to the office and the shop, the two magazines will share a managing editor – a role that will be strictly editorial and operations. We’ll be looking for an excellent wordsmith – someone with proven editing and copy editing chops, and with a strong enough personality to keep us all in line. If that sounds like you or someone you know, keep an eye on our corporate site job listings…though I imagine we’ll be posting it here, too.

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  • Jonas Jensen

    Congratulations. I will miss your articles in Popular Woodworking

  • bko

    Congratulations to Glen and F+W in general!

    I remember when AW started, Bob was handing out sample issues at a Woodworking show here in New England. Issue #1 was black-and-white and had a nice shaker rocker on the cover and as the main project. They were handing out sample issues like hotcakes. The magazine was a lot like Fine Woodworking had been in the late 70’s and gained a following.

    The Reader’s Digest years were dark times for AW, so it is really good to see AW in good hands again!

  • John Cashman

    I would also like to congratulate Glen. AW is already a better magazine.
    I also want to add my voice to resurrect Woodwork: A Magazine for All Woodworkers. What NewTrack did to that excellent magazine was criminal. I would subscribe to that in a heartbeat.

  • GTBurbank

    Perhaps he can restore AW to it’s former quality if they give him enough rope. It was shocking and shameful how fast AW declined with the change of ownership of Rodale Press.

  • Orion Henderson

    Congratulations Glen. Best of luck. The Bob is pleased.

  • Sawduster

    Certainly congratulations are in order. I’m sure Megan will miss your fine work at PWW. I subscribe to both magazines so I am anxious to see what changes you’ll bring to their fine editorial staff. So Hear, hear!

  • robert

    Congratulations to Glen. Now that this has occurred, you guys need to bring back Woodwork magazine to a bi-monthly publication (not just a once per year special issue). Woodwork was the coolest, quirkiest woodworking magazine – I loved the profiles of current woodworkers, the focus on why to and less on how to, and the fact that it was not afraid to show strong contemporary designs (great furniture design did not stop with Arts and Crafts a century ago).

  • msiemsen

    Congratulations and good luck Glen! I hope the change goes well for Tom Caspar and company too!

  • John Griffin-Wiesner

    Good luck, Glen!

    Didn’t AW buy Woodwork magazine a couple years ago? That was my 2nd favorite mag after WM shut down (ok merged). Does that magazine have a future?

  • Wilbur

    Congratulations, Glen! That’s terrific news. I’m very happy for you.

  • BarbS

    Well, this is big news! Congratulations to Glen, and I look forward to his input for AW.

  • themavericktexan

    You mean I gotta go and buy another magazine subscription!?

    Seriously, though, congrats to Glen.

  • Bob Rozaieski

    Congratulations Glen! And best of luck! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  • chetkloss

    Did you ship him out because he admitted to using power tools?

  • Christopher Schwarz

    Congrats Glen!

    I don’t know who your buddy is there in the photo with you, but I’ve seen him lurking in the women’s restroom….

    Good luck with the new position. I know you can do great things there.



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