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Video: Circle Jig for the Band Saw

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Band saws are great for cutting curves but when you need a perfect circle, you need a jig. I’ve used many circle-cutting helpers over the years and the design presented by Tom Caspar in the video below combines the best features from all of them. The jig is held in place on the band saw table using a bar in the miter slot and it features an adjustable pivot point so one jig can make many sized circles.

Just as valuable is the solid insert to avoid tear out at the back of the cut and with a properly set band saw you get a square edge on your circle that requires very little sanding. So easy! Seriously, while every band saw comes with a rip fence, this is a jig that should be on every band saw. It’s a real timesaver, and Tom takes you through the steps to make this must-have fixture. Enjoy!

– David Thiel

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