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Woodworking Magazine Issue 9 Mailed on Monday

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I want to take a minute here to apologize to many of our new subscribers who have not received the first issue of their subscription to Woodworking Magazine, but they have received a bill for the subscription.

We hit a couple rough spots with this first mailing, and I promise you I am doing everything I can to ensure it never happens again.

Bottom line: Issue 9 went out in the mail on Monday, March 17. If you live in the United States, you should have your copy by March 24. International orders should take a bit longer.

If you’d like to read the gory details, here they are, short and sweet: The magazine was supposed to mail from the printer during the week of March 3. Our printer, however, received the wrong mailing labels. Meanwhile, the bills went out in the mail (on time). And now we have confused and frustrated would-be readers.

If you have a bill and checked the status of your subscription on-line and it says “suspended,” please ignore that. It’s a poor choice of words on our part and we’re working to fix that. It means that your payment is “pending.”

Thanks everyone for your patience as we get this horse out of the gate. The next issue will go smoother.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Christopher Schwarz


    It’s a good suggestion. A well-sawn tenon doesn’t look all that much worse from one cut on a table saw (a router-cut one looks the best).

    I’m traveling the next few weeks. When I return, I’ll do an entry on that.

    Kind regards,

    Christopher Schwarz

  • Dale Smith


    After reading your terrific blog and magazine, plus Wearing’s book, I’m still a little foggy on one thing:

    Wearing recommends taking tenon straight from saw to mortise. So, when sawing a tenon cheek by hand, what does "good enough" look like? What sort of surface do you find acceptable for gluing? Is it possible to post a photo or two as guides?



  • Jeff Jackson

    Still no magazine in Northeast Indiana and today is the 27th of March?

  • Jameel Abraham

    Just received my first issue of this magazine. Outstanding content! The perpetuation of hand work, and good work in general is something I’m very glad to see. Thank you Mr. Schwarz and staff.

  • Ethan Sincox


    That’s not nice.

    (Still waiting for mine in rainy St. Charles, MO…)


  • David Hahn

    I received mine in the mail today (the 26th). I’m in St. Louis for geographic reference.

    Can’t wait to read it. Much thanks to Chris and crew.


  • Chris Somers

    Today’s the 26th, and I still haven’t gotten mine. Though I’ve also not received a bill either, though I do know my CC was charged.

    I did get a notification that my gift subscription was processed – got a card I could send to the recip., but my brother already knows it’s coming. Though I should check to see if he got his (Columbus, OH)

    Auburn, CA

  • Christopher Schwarz


    We’re well ahead of our projections for the year, both for subscribers and for revenue.

    As soon as this issue arrives in homes, I’m going to update people on the magazine a bit.

    It’s all good news.

    Thanks for asking!


  • Christopher Schwarz

    Hello Everyone,

    Here’s the update: My copy arrived at home today (I’m not just the Fur Club President….).

    The issue went into the USPS system in St. Cloud, Minn., so it should be arriving everywhere in short order.

    Thank you again for all your patience. The next issue will arrive sooner (we’re finishing up the editorial stuff on it next week).


  • Mike D.

    Nothing for me yet:(
    I figure because i’m in the northeast.

  • Al Navas

    It arrived today. Thanks!

    I have been in the shop all day, but my wife brought it in. It is THE next think I read later today.

  • Jeff Jackson


    Everyone is talking about when they are going to receive their magazine and you have updated us on shipping info. My question is, how did the subscribing go? Did you get as many subscibers as you thought or more??



  • Greg Humphrey

    I received my copy on March 24.

    It is great!

    Thanks, Chris, for setting up the subscription option.

    Keep up the good work. WOODWORKING MAGAZINE is the best on the market.


  • Mattias in Durham, NC

    I also didn’t receive the magazine yesterday. Today I will chase the mailman down and hold him personally responsible if I don’t get it.

    BTW – off topic – Woodcraft is discontinuing their line of 7" and 11" quick release metal woodworking vices, so if your store still have some in stock you can probably get a good deal.

  • Christopher Schwarz


    The magazine should be there any day. I’m going to check with our manufacturing and subscription specialists in the morning and post another update.

    As to digital stuff, we’re still in heavy tinkering mode I’m afraid. It’s new ground for our corporation….


  • Bill Williams

    I have neither received a bill or a magazine and it is the 24th. Should I be concerned? Also, when the digital subscriptions are available, will we be able to convert?

    Bill Williams

  • George Moore

    I paid for mine when I subscribed and it is the 24th and I still haven’t received it.

    I guess I live too far out of the circulation area here in South Carolina/

  • Mattias in Durham, NC

    I will watch out for the mail truck for the next few days…

    This is the kind of stuff that makes you realize computers have a long way to go.

  • kees

    :The digital download will be available on May 26. Until we get the digital :subscription stuff

    A woodworker will never loses patience. November 2007 I’ve got 3 (?) popwoods in my realworld mailbox in one week ( in EU) that’s too much). I like the downloads.

  • The Village Carpenter

    I’m countin’ the hours til I can accost the mailman…

    I saw the issue at Woodcraft last night and restrained myself from peeking.

  • Christopher Schwarz


    The digital download will be available on May 26. Until we get the digital subscription stuff organized and launched, our corporate policy is to wait until the issue if off the newsstands before selling the digital version.


  • Wade Hutchison

    Will there be a digital download version of issue #9? If so, do you know when it will be available?
    —–wade hutchison

  • Ethan Sincox

    Hey… I don’t even have a BILL for my subscription at home!

    Oh, wait. I might have paid for that up-front.

    Never mind.

    (On an aside, if you’d have taken it back then, I would have gladly sent that check to you three years ago, Chris. Looking forward to receiving my first SUBSCRIPTION issue of Woodworking Magazine.)

  • Bill Liebold

    Thanks for this post. I have a bill and I looked at it as a sign that my copy would be on it’s way. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really pay attention to the exact date that I should get a magazine. I only get worried if issue 11 comes after I get issue 9 without a 10 in between. I will be sending a check this weekend even if my copy hasn’t come yet. I trust you.

    I have a close friend that edits a scale modelling magazine and I know what he goes though to get an issue out, personally I wouldn’t do it.

    Bill Liebold

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