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Watch Lie-Nielsen on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’

You can now watch the segment on Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on “The Martha Stewart Show” on the program’s web site.

The 4:41 segment is surprisingly detailed and technical. And, of course, it looks good too. You get to see some really cool stuff, including the plane bodies being milled, the metal screws being cut and the front knobs being turned. The segment also shows you Lie-Nielsen’s heat-treating operation and some glimpses of the cryogenic treatment they use on the company’s A2 blades.

All in all, it’s well worth a visit. Check it out here. On the right side of the screen, scroll over. The Lie-Nielsen video is in the second group.

– Christopher Schwarz

2 thoughts on “Watch Lie-Nielsen on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’

  1. Glenn Whitener

    Thanks for the tip. I think that it would be nice if the web site would spell Lie-Nielsen correctly, but otherwise, it was a very cool look at the manufacturing.

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