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Tool Chest in a Week! Uh, Really!

With the carcases of the chests assembled, all that was left was to nail on the bottom boards and the battens designed to rot before the bottom.

Oh, and we had to dovetail the lower skirt and upper skirt. And build the lid. And dovetail the dust seal around that.

No problem, really.

So we messed around with saws and lathes to divert our attention from the tasks ahead. I demonstrated overhand ripping. Roy showed us some cool turning on a treadle lathe. And we successfully had a great time today without trying too hard.

On Friday we are going to build the lid. Roy has a secret plan that involves lion feet.

— Christopher Schwarz

8 thoughts on “Tool Chest in a Week! Uh, Really!

  1. nomercadies

    I feel like I am traveling back in time when I look in on Roy’s offerings. Wonderful stuff.

    I bet it would be a moneymaker to figure out a drinking game revolving around how many anachronisms you can find that don’t fit the time period.

    I already took three drinks. One for the electric lights in the shop, one for the car that went by in the video, and another for the ball point pen on the in the bottom picture, and I can still twype.

  2. K7OTV

    Hey Chris, this may seem like a odd question but I would be interested in knowing how close to finished dimensions is the stocked milled for your classes?


    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      Not Chris…but to forestall any ribbing from him…let’s just say some of his sawyer’s cuts were closer to finished length than others. And by the end of the week, said sawyer was a lot closer to delivering perfection. Most of the time. (The stock was delivered at finished thickness and width)

  3. schenher

    when I see someone using a card scraper inside a tool chest I think , wow, really. there are some things that just need not be done in my opinion.

    looks like a great hard working class though.

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