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Thursday: Lie-Nielsen on Martha Stewart

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Though most of you will be watching anyway, set your TiVo to record the Martha Stewart show at 10 a.m. (EST) Thursday, Jan. 15. That’s because in addition to all the great winter skin-care tips from Sue Ciminelli, the show pays a visit to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine.

Don’t believe me? Visit the show’s guide here and look under the tab for Thursday. You’ll get to see (in addition to some good-looking cheeses) Thomas Lie-Nielsen planing a board and being interviewed about his tools.

If you miss the show, it should get archived. I’ll keep you posted.

This is tragic news for me actually. It means Glen Huey and I are going to have to skip “Beverly Hillbillies” tomorrow.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Bob Diehl

    Tried to watch but right in the middle was the plane crash so that took over. Hope to see in entirety some how.

  • Shannon

    I TiVo’d this and watched it this morning. This is a pretty good looking into the perfection that LN is all about. I went on the factory tour this past summer and there is a lot that you don’t see. This segment touches on some of that. Great to see national exposure for such a great company!


  • Christopher Schwarz

    Actually, I watch it for the math lesson. I know more about gazintas now than ever.


  • Mike Siemsen

    I suppose you could say you watched the Hillbillies to study Jed’s whittling technique though I would guess it has more to do with Ellie Mae’s physique. They will probably show it again next week.
    Fessick the Giant

  • Richard Dawson

    It also means that I’ll miss Jerry Springer.

  • rfrancis

    No wonder the showroom was in a state of chaos last week.

  • The Village Carpenter

    I heard that Martha is going to show the viewers how to "Warm up your workshop with saw-shaped votives", "Crochet mahogany-scented handplane cozies", and "Declutter your workbench: turn empty cereal boxes into space-saving containers."

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