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Spring 2009 Issue Arriving in Mailboxes

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After much tribulation, the Spring 2009 issue of Woodworking Magazine is in the mail stream and arriving in homes in the Midwest this week. Depending on the speed and reliability of your local post office, I think you should expect to see your copy in the coming week.

Thank you for your patience.

If I told about you the perfect storm of mishaps, miscommunications and missteps, you would think I was misleading you or missing a few fries from my Happy Meal.

In any case, I hope you find the issue worth your wait.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Fred L

    Arrived on 4/2/09 in Fairfield County Connecticut!

  • Chris Somers

    Hi all,

    As of 30 March, I haven’t gotten mine in N.CA.

    Anyone else in CA get theirs?

  • Rick Yochim



    I received my copy here in Virgina on Saturday. Well done. Please administer a pat on the back to Megan for her article about water-resistant finishes. Which is harder, trying to find the right balance between protection and *plasticky*, or writing about it? A tough subject and she done good.

    And just because you’re trying to do a good deed by putting out a quality magazine doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be punished for it.


  • Christopher Schwarz


    Indeed, our printer did a poor job with the photos. We were disappointed as well and have asked them to do better next time.


  • Bob Johnson

    My copy arrived on Friday here in western Washington. I was surprised at the less than great quality of the photos – they seem dark and less "crisp". Have you gone to another printer, or maybe it is just my copy. I hope the next copy will be better.

  • Alan

    Been seeing it on the news stands around town for a couple weeks…still not here yet…:-(

  • Bill Satko

    They are making it a lot further than the Midwest. I live in Washington state and mine just arrived today.

  • Al Navas

    It arrived yesterday, Chris. Great mail service to the Midwest!

    But above all, great content! Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    It almost came to that!


  • Shawn

    So you are not personally hand delivering the new issue to new subscribers!? Bummer.

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