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Spaces Available in Class in Germany

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If you’ve ever wanted to go to Germany and take a hand woodworking course from a guy who is mostly German (me), but doesn’t speak a word of German (me again) but likes German beer, pork products and pork by-products (guilty), here’s your chance.

Next month I am teaching a week-long class in basic handwork in the workshop of Dick GmbH, the massive German tool cataloger in Metten, east of Munich. The class, which runs from Sept. 13 to 17, will be taught in English and is titled “Classical Joinery.” The class is 480 Euros (about $625).

Thomas Lie-Nielsen taught a class there earlier this week and reported that the facility is first-rate (get information here), the area is beautiful and that he wants to go again.

I’ve never taught this particular class before and am greatly looking forward to it. The five days will focus entirely on the precision sharpening, set up and use of the hand tools that are the core of the shop. This class will attempt to blend everything I’ve studied about craft history, modern toolmaking technology and practical furniture-making experience.

During the five days, we will be building a simple Shaker cabinet from the Hancock village that requires many of the skills we’ll be exploring.

Here’s the short list:

1. Sharpening straight and skewed tools (we might get into profiled irons if there is time)
2. Setting up and using bench planes
3. Setting up and using joinery planes, including rabbeting planes, fillisters, router planes and shoulders
4. Precision sawing with Western saws
5. Cutting joints using handsaws and handplanes, including rabbets, dados, tenons and half-laps
6. Cutting simple profiles with block planes or moulding planes
7. Nail technology
8. Fitting doors.

In addition, I’ll be exploring the food and beer of Metten and the surrounding area. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I always try to drag students with me. (I’m also attempting to set up a special field trip, which I can’t say much about at this point.)

I apologize for the short notice here. I’ve only recently found out there are a few spaces left in the class (the maximum size is 10 students). If you are interested in details on the class or even registering, visit the Dick site here.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Michael Levesque

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Regensburg, just up the street from there, is an AWESOME city!!! Lots to do, lots to see, great places to eat and drink. Thurn and Taxis beer is made there. If you need a tour guide, let me know! The Oktoberfest at Munich is fun, been there a couple of times. Definitely stay for that if you can.

  • Michael Levesque

    Sweet! Are there still spots open? I live one hour from there and would love to go to this. Sounds like a good thing!

  • Thomas A Heiting (Tom)

    Chris – We in Southern California would love to have you teach such a course here for us. I don’t know about the beers here (so that probably kills this idea), but the weather is nice[ 🙂 ]. Any chance of such a class some day? Thanks…Tom

  • Glenn Whitener

    Two words: Augustiner Edelstoff.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    I am not sure how well stocked the Dick workshop is. Most of the students I’ve talked to plan to bring a small kit of tools. I’m working on the tool list this week.

  • Bob

    Tempting, tempting… Allready checked out hotel prices…. Say Chris, do I bring my own tools or do I just show up as is?


  • Rick Roberts

    From their website: Have a look at our workshop center and watch our workshop instructors and participants in action.

    Didn’t know you would be on candid camera, did you?
    Sounds like a good time and I guess the class will be fun too. We will expect tall tales on your blog that week.

  • Jonas Jensen

    Sadly, I have to go to work those days, otherwise I would have fired up the Volvo and headed south. Have a good time in Bavaria.

  • Now that’s not coincidental. Oktoberfest starts in Munich on Sept 19. No matter what, stay a few days more. As a 31-year homebrewing veteran, I must say if you have not gone. You must!!!

    Nothing in the US compares. Sorry can’t make the workshop but man I am so tempted.


  • Damien

    Tough choices although a different public is expected:
    – Klassische Holzverbindungen mit Chris Schwarz
    – Piraten-Schatzkiste (pirate treasure chest) mit Wolfgang Messert (ab 6 Jahren 🙂

  • Shannon

    Time to brush up on your German beer drinking songs.

    "In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus, eins, zwei, g’suffa"

  • Gereon Lamers


    can’t say much about the beer in Metten but if you are in any way interested in icecream, by all means try "Fontanella" on Donaustrasse near Mettens Marketplace (very much nearby actually, it’s a tiny town!). Simply excellent!

    You might even visit the Bendictine Abbeys library which is very worthwile. Hm, have not yet asked if they have Roubo.


    who knows Dicks facilities from several courses but cannot attend this one. Grr!

  • Larry

    I’m afraid to click on that link.

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