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Six-board Chest: Day 2

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We decided to skip adding a till to the chests so that we could spend most of Monday working on the mouldings, the decorative scratched patterns and the painted finish.

As a result, the chest carcases went together with alarming speed. One minute it was like we were in a shop full of boards. Then all of the sudden – 10 chests.

If you really want to know what the day was like, watch the movie.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • chusting

    Read the article in popular woodworking…stupid you use glue on this? Just nails? Will it hold?

  • Bob Miller

    Nice use of a bench hook at the beginning of the video to keep the holdfast from damaging the work. Whoever thought of it should write in a tools of the trade trick.

  • Christopher Schwarz
    Christopher Schwarz

    I couldn’t go to the City Tap last night – we had a dinner obligation. Ergo — no video.

    • WorkingIt

      Bummer! (for you). Check out my comment on your Another Way to Fold a Table entry and you’ll see I hold you in extremely high regard.

  • WorkingIt

    I love that Pittsboro is apparently the kind of town where you can saw out front on the main drag and not catch any flack from the pedestrian public or town council. As for the video, I think the Day Two video would have been nicely rounded out with just a smidgeon of a shot of the post-chest activities (City Tap) and could be smoothly coordinated with the chest-building focus my showing that great saw arm technique can also be used while toasting each other down at City Tap.

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