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Planing Long Edges, the Crime-fighting Version

If you liked the video of me walking up a wall, you might enjoy this alternative treatment sent in by a reader who we like to call “Cheeseburger, No Meat.”

If you are offended by references to my bum, or to masked avengers, then please do not click on the video.

– Christopher Schwarz

18 thoughts on “Planing Long Edges, the Crime-fighting Version

  1. Tom Gangloff

    Very entertaining. However, I don’t think it’s right for the narrator to imply, through his comment about the thick wallet, that Chris is half assed.

  2. Matt

    That’s great…..I almost choked on my peanut butter and crackers while watching, I was laughing so hard. That d*mn hamster and the wheel!!!!!

  3. BJ Kavanaugh

    This is so full of win. Kudos to you Chris for not retaking this movie in an effort to at least appear cool. You really set this one up on a tee for us…

    Love the blog, keep it up.

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