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November 2010 Arts & Mysteries, Page 27

Soon, subscribers will start receiving their November 2010 issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine , and therein, they’ll find that I fell down on the job. In between our final page layouts and conversion of the files for our printer, one page, page 27, had a type-conversion problem. And at the final approval stage, I missed it.

So, download the PDF below for the plans and correct cutlist for the William & Mary Bookstand, which Charles Bender wrote for the Arts & Mysteries column.

Mea maxima culpa.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

Nov10_pg27.pdf (260.21 KB)

5 thoughts on “November 2010 Arts & Mysteries, Page 27

  1. classes


    Some might say the cutlist is incomprehensible regardless of your efforts to make it moreso. I wrote it afterall…

    Chuck Bender

  2. Kirk

    Soooo…. The "ARTS" part is in the proof reading and the "MYSTERIES" is where the heck did page 27 go……

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