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New Vise Mechanism from Hovarter

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Len Hovarter of Hovarter Custom Vise has developed a simple and inexpensive quick-release leg vise mechanism that looks quite ingenious.

Like all of Hoverter’s vises, they work on the age-old principle of unicorn magic. They slide in and out smoothly without a threaded rod. Then they engage the work with a short turn of the handle. Kelly Mehler has a twin-screw vise with a Hovarter on it and I can attest that it is wicked cool.


The new leg vise device, called the VX20, works the same way as his other vises, but it has some other cool features. It is as easy to install as a traditional leg vise – just drill some holes and screw on the hardware. But you can install either a traditional hub with a tommy bar or a large cast handwheel – or switch back and forth if you like.


The VX20 mechanism will cost $140; the handwheel and hub will be extra.

Hovarter prepared the short video above that shows the vise in action. Check it out.

Also, be sure to check out Hovarter’s blog. If you are a workbench nerd and like discussions of clamping forces, you have a found a new home.

The VX20 mechanism will be available in the fall. Check out his other vise mechanisms here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • tsstahl

    The exception that proves the rule; I never buy stuff unseen, but I will buy this ASAP. Maybe they will be at WIA in September so I can put this under the vacation budget. 🙂

    • legnolab

      Very nice vise! Here in Italy we follow the story. I’d like to test it for my readers as I’m the publisher and editor of the italian woodworking magazine Legnolab. I tried, with no success, to contact the producer. The contact form ask an USA phon number and I haven’t it.

      • Megan Fitzpatrick
        Megan Fitzpatrick

        I’ll forward your note to Len, just in case he doesn’t see your comment.

        • legnolab

          Tx Megan! I’d like to show the vise during the annual party of my woodworking school in october.

      • lencotools

        Please contact me by email at:

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